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Neuromarketing? How did that work?

Updated: Oct 11

Has it ever occurred to you to go to the store to buy bread and return home with new pair of shoes ․․․ with high heels ․․․ well a little awkward ․․․ Well, were there several similar items in your wardrobe?

Can you remember the moment, when you made the decision to make a spontaneous purchase? What motivated you to make that decision, the thought or the feeling? Usually the rather exaggerated answers "it turned out that way", "I saw the yellow label and I couldn't stand it" make you think about the emotional impact on the buyer's behavior.

In the past, when there was not much variety, the possibilities were much more limited, in the process of acquiring the product, rationalism seemed to prevail, and the following scheme worked:

  • Thinking (I need shoes)

  • Action (product purchase

  • Emotion (I'm glad I met my need)

Now an absolutely different algorithm works․

  • Emotions (I want shoes)

  • Action (acquisition)

  • Thinking (I enjoy shopping)