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Slice Consulting is an international business company founded in 2005 by marketing specialist, consultant Nane Matevossyan, and in 2015 it was rebranded and further developed.

The company is mainly specialized in 3 areas. design marketing and branding, digital marketing and strategic marketing, sales.

The main goal of the company is to contribute to the growth of businesses and the development of their potential by using new technologies such as digital integration and agile project management.

The main aim of the company is to help t business growth and development of their potential using especially new technologies like digital integration, pilot testing and agile marketing and project management toolkit. Slice Consulting usually is the Marketing Department of the client's company, providing full Marketing Support from Marketing Audit, complete Marketing Strategy Development to Digital Activities, ongoing design, Brand Support, Photo, Video materials development and PR support.

There is a completely new area of services in photo and video production that we call Slice Production.

Nowadays the company is growing fast and soon will provide online services like online and offline training courses by our specialized business institution - Slice Academy. It's already available online marketing and digital marketing certification system, digital library and education materials, etc. as well.

New programs for Startups and companies in the business depression have been launched to help new businesses to grow and make results, and give a new breath to the old businesses.

There are quite popular education and market development projects like Weekend School of Marketing, Summer Business School, etc.

Slice Consulting already has 200+ companies supported in its clients and partners list. Non-profit organizations are also included. 


Navigate Your Business

Our Services

Marketing Department Outsource

Now you can hire Slice Consulting to support complete marketing functionality in your company. The package includes high-quality marketing strategy development, ongoing marketing support, digital marketing, and branding services. Ongoing services mix is developed due to the business audit results and business goals set. Our team includes marketing, digital marketing, branding, and sales professionals with different specialization and strong background.

Meet The Team


Nane Matevossyan

MBA, Marketing Management, Sales and Communication


Gohar Mkrtchyan

MA, Senior Graphic



Aga Zaroyan

SMM Specialist, Creative Content Maker


Armen Davtyan

MA, Design Marketing, Branding


Narine Stepanyan

MA, International Project Manager


Niko Mazmanyan

Photographer, Photo & Video Editor


Lilit Aslanyan

MA, PR, Media Relations and Communications


Nelly Tatosyan

MA, National

Project Manager


Stella Gasparyan

Academy Coordinator, CEO PA

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