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Natalie Ghoukassian

Educational Background

  • Specialist of the English Language, Master of Philology, ArSU

  • Internet Marketing/Content Marketing/Inbound Marketing Courses (Netology, Hubspot Academy)

  • Certified Inbound Marketing Specialist/Content Marketer 


Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.  

Career Scan

  • 10 years in Internet Marketing

  • Proven experience in developing and conducting inbound marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness, attract visitors, generate and convert leads.

  • Mastering inbound marketing concepts and tools including SEO, Content Marketing, Lead Generation tactics, Email Marketing. 

  • Experience in mapping out content marketing strategy, measuring and analyzing

  • content performance, developing standards and guidelines for content creation and distribution. 

  • Experience in training and mentoring copywriters on best practices of content writing.  


     Books, Japanese crosswords and rock music

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