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What Is Branding?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Finding unique branding solutions is one of the key points for every business. But what is branding and why it is so important for your business? If short it tells your customers what they can expect from your products or services.

Let’s understand what the product is and when it becomes a brand? Here is a simple example. Water is a free resource that every human being needs to live and survive. But it becomes a product when you sell it in glass and plastic bottles.

But water always looks the same, isn’t it? It is a transparent liquid. How different companies all over the world sell the same water?

The answer is simple: by creating a brand. It includes three important components: branding, reputation, effective management. Let’s discuss the process of branding.

It includes the following stages:

  • Naming

  • Logo making

  • Brand style creation

  • Packaging and labeling.

To find successful branding solutions you should answer the questions below:

What is your company's mission?

What are the benefits and features of your products or services?

What qualities do you want them to associate with your company?

One of the most important goals of a branding team is to create an emotional connection with customers.

You have probably noticed that when you think of any product, you not only remember its physical features but also have certain emotions.

And the more positive that response is, the more likely it is that the product will succeed in the market.

By the way, you should remember that the product can be easily copied by competitors, and the brand will always be unique. For example, Pepsi and Coca-Cola taste very similar, but these two brands cause completely different emotions and affect our purchase decision.

Also, branding will make the product recognizable, help attract new customers, improves employee pride, and promote more effective advertising campaigns.

Now you know what branding is and what kind of benefits it provides for your business. But you should also find a motivated team for high-quality branding service. We suggest you watch our clients' branding portfolios and apply for your business branding solutions.

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