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Voice as a content of the future

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Audio content has appeared a long time ago. Generally, it includes radio, discs, CDs, and even audio messages. Everything new is the well-forgotten old, isn't it?

Big brands are already making big investments in the field of audio marketing. According to researches, by the end of 2020, investments in audio marketing amounted to more than 20 billion dollars. Not a bad indicator.

There are several explanations for this ․

  • Creating audio content is easier and more accessible than video (finding a good cameraman, video editor, believe me, is not an easy task).

  • For users are comfort using audio than text or video (it is very difficult to watch or read content with everyday affairs)

  • Brands strive for novelty (wow-effect must be kept:) )

We have chosen some types of audio content and let's discuss how to use them in marketing.


Of course, this type of audio content can not be called a revelation, however, it has already managed to become a great marketing tool. Helps to podcasts you can connect with the audience, get the information directly and in the shortest way.

They choose and listen to podcasts purposefully, not in the middle of the music playlist. This format of audio content is the new Youtube, and if you have something to say, start!

Content with voice accompaniment

The release of audio tweets on Twitter took the voice to another level. There are various tools for engaging users in the publications and in the Stories section (open questions, tests, polls), what if we add a little voice?

Working with customers, we think, search different examples of publications on social media, which will allow us to attract the attention of the audience. Such options can be audio advertising in Stories, animations with sound accompaniment, etc.

Voice social networks

If you think that this is a fantasy genre, then don't be surprised, fantasy is already a reality. There are even such platforms in the West. For example:

  • "Hear Me Out"_ is a voice social network where users hear your voice and you hear theirs.

  • "Wakie"_ is an international platform where you can communicate with any person on any topic. You choose a topic, find an interlocutor, and call. How simple!)

Making audio content always remember․

  • You need to check the sound quality: a bad voice can corrupt all creative ideas.

  • Prepare an attractive material. The information must be really interesting for the audience to be interested in your brand.

  • Love the language, use the right accents, pronounce words more clearly, don't forget to speak a little louder while recording: the salt is in the details.

Yeah, and don't refuse from that format, if it didn't attract the audience on the first try, in any case, the user must adapt to it.

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