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Copywriting: how to sell via words?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Have you checked your mailbox or which Facebook ad caught your attention recently?

These all stuff was created by copywriters.

Copywriting is the activity or occupation of writing the text of advertisements or publicity material (advertisements, brochures, catalogs, websites, etc.).

It is the reason that makes somebody stop thinking, “I can live without it” and start thinking, “Why am I living without it?”

And how to achieve that amazing result through copywriting? Here are the most useful tips and tricks to help you write the best copy.

Use the Formula KISS

"Keep it simple, stupid" is the whole secret of this formula. Write your copy as accurate and clear as possible. Don’t make people guess what you mean. Your goal is not to show how smart you are, but to show why you people should choose the product and service you offer.

Make an emotional connection

Our emotions make us buy something. And then we justify our choice logically. If you cause emotions with your copy, you can turn your potential customer into your real customer. But remember that it is possible in the case that you identify and understand your target audience, for example, which topics, words, and phrases cause emotions to them.

Talk about benefits, not features

Successful copywriting does not represent what a great product you have created, but how it makes life easier for the consumer. So forget about listing product features and turn them into benefits․ After all, you don't buy apples because they are round and green, but because they are useful. The examples below will help you.

Hurry up!

Do you remember the famous advertisement for the play "Mea Culpa" (famous Armenian performance), where every time they mentioned that it was the last performance? This gave people the impression that they would never have the opportunity to watch the show again and make them buy the tickets. People are afraid to miss out on something important, and when quantity or availability is limited, they are more likely to take this opportunity.

Don’t forget about “call to action”

In addition to transmitting information, you also have to increase customer engagement and motivating them to take action: open a letter, subscribe, leave a comment, or make a purchase. So don't forget to add what kind of response you expect at the end of each copy.

Use Copywriting Tools

It is easier to succeed in digital copywriting when you use appropriate tools. We selected some of them to help you achieve better results.

Hemingway Editor- an easy to tool to make your copies more understandable (headline analyzer)- the headline is essential when you create copies. This tool helps to analyze your headline.

Grammarly-helps to correct your spelling, punctuation, and stylistic mistakes.

Google Keyword Planner- One of the key requirements for digital copyright is the use of keywords. This tool is best for keyword research.

Thefreedictionary-Online dictionaries are a copywriter’s true friend. So use this and other online dictionaries to avoid frequently used and boring words and phrases.

Thus, you have a product or service for sale, and our copywriters are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and willing to help. All you have to do is contact Slice Consulting’s team.

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