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You own a new business or want to set up one, our Start-up Factory is just for you! 

Choose one of the suggested price plans and enjoy easy and cheap set upping process.

Price plans in Start-up Factory are available since our business is 6 months old.

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You are about to give up? Your business doesn't go as you wish? You want more? You need our assisstance!

We will reanimate your business, correct what doesn't work properly in short period of time. Your business will come alive and make resultes every day!

Slice Academy
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Slice Academy is estabilshed to train your business and certify the employees in Marketing, Communications, Sales, Promotion, HR, PR, Branding and other popular business areas.

The Market change every day, be up to date to win the competition.

Slice Consulting
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Just want a bit of this and a bit of them, or none of mentioned programms is for your business, that's ok.


You can decide what you actually need and construct the very package you think your business needs. Slice Consulting is ready to help, assist and guide!

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