Summer Business School 2021


14-19 years old most smart and talented teenagers, who is interested in business, IT. This knowledge and connections are valuable in any area.In any field, this knowledge can give perspective.

Areas of interest

The applicant chooses a Business, IT, or Business English language beforehand.


We start

On August, 2021



Hotel Aragats (directly on the slope of Mount Aragats) with 3 meals a day.

Transfer from Yerevan is included in the price.



10 days vacation and very interesting training courses in gaming format full of practice. Also useful business contacts.

Participartion Details

Early Bird cost  229 000

Deadline for early booking- 31March

Current price - up to 369 000 drams, deadline is July 31.

Prepayment is 20%. To pre-book your seat, prepayment is required within 2 weeks after the registration date, but no later than July 30.

Package additionally includes - transfer from the airport, Yerevan city tour and 1 night in Yerevan before the summer school start.

Upon completion of a possible scholarship, deduct up to 50% of the stipend.

This item is available in stock by item 0% of the year.


About the organisators

Slice Consulting։ 

Business Consulting Agency

- 14 years in Armenian market

- 7 years in International market

- own brands in the Armenian market (including Slice Tours, RedLine, Travel Academy)

- experienced business consultants and trainers

- many successful own projects implemented like Summer Business School 2017 and 2018

- own business school and certification center


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Trainers Involved
Business trainers

Nane Matevossyan

MBA, Swiss Business School

Marketing, Branding, Sales

Slice Consulting


Hagop Makdis

MA, Biology

Body Language and NLP

Slice Consulting

Business Consultant and Trainer

Nvard Melkonyan