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Hagop Makdis

Educational Background

  • MA in Biology - Neurology

  • MA in Neuro-linguistic programming –NLP

  • MA Trainer in Body language- nonverbal communication

  • STC international certification passed in Neuro-linguistic programming and body language


The moment we begin to laugh at our problems we change chemically

Career Scan

  • Trainer in communication skills  ( American international center for training- STC)

  • Trainer in Sales and Communications at Slice Academy (Body language and mindset in Sales)

  • Trainer in EQ and practical NLP at Slice Academy (practical NLP tools for self development and better performance)

  • Trainer in micro training (CPC center for training )

  • Prof.Debater  (the Syrian trust for development)

  • TOT- Trainer Green Light Program in Syria(the Syrian trust for development)


      Play theater. Reading writing poem

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