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Digital Marketing-UPGrade Express


 Quarantine is a new challenge for marketers.

 During Digital Marketing UPGrade Express workshop, we will present three key components on how to run a business online and get the most out of it, offering you proven solutions.

 We promise top digital marketing tools, maximum involvement of the participants and individual approach.

 We expect knowledge on marketing, PR and related fields, motivation and, of course, that you will sign up for this workshop.


 Main topics to discuss:


-             How to increase Web Site Performance

-             Webmaster without Coding – Practice

-             Blog strategy: how to make it attractive  

-             How to develop an e-shop - Practice

-             How to survive in e-commerce


-            How to use Secret Tools in SEO

-            On-Page and Off-Page SEO rules

-            Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Organic
             Search –  Practice

-            How to build effective SMM Strategy

-            Trendy FB and IG Tools

-            Other Social Media Tools

-            Insights

-            How to generate and plan Content

-            Trending Topics and Key-words

-            Canva: attractive Visual Content

-            IG feed: how to use it effectively

-            FB Page visual settings

-            Insights


-            How to use Facebook Business Manager

-            Secrets of successful AD Campaign

-            How to plan Campaigns in Google

-            Insights


Evening Courses

Start day: July 2, 2020

Duration:  20 hours | 10 days (main duration without bonuses)

Days & timing:  Tuesday and Thursday at 18:30-21:00

Training fee:  65 000 AMD  

note. several courses are available separated for 12 000 - 55 000 AMD.

If you are interested in passing full and fundamental marketing training course, please find the details.


 091 500 180

 091 500 180

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