Slice Academy Events

                Digital Marketing Pro



The goal of training is to upgrade the skills and knowledge of Digital Marketing Specialists,

increase Pro tools usage and approach.

The training is specially designed for the Digital Marketing Specialists.


Main topics to discuss:

  • TOPIC 1 - Pro Tools in DM 
    - Pro SEO or how to get leading positions
    - Pro Tools in DM (Best of best)
    - Google Tag Manager (Practice)
    - Kickass Content (Practice)

    TOPIC 2 - Digital Advertising Pro

    - Strategy and Media planning
    - KPI's in Digital Promotion
    - Advertising Campaigns, Testing and Measurement
    - AdWords dive for pros (Practice)

    TOPIC 3 - Design Marketing in Digital

    - UI/UX design principles in DM
    - Design efficiency and optimization
    - Neuromarketing standards in design
    - Testing and measurements in DM (Practice)

    TOPIC 4 - Agile in Digital Marketing 

    - Real Time DM
    - Scrum Methodology
    - Kanban and Scrumban (Practice)

       - Saving Time and Money to get results


Start day: Dec 7, 2019

Duration:  8 hours | 4 days

Days & timing:  Monday and Thursday at 18:30-21:00

Training fee:  75 000 AMD (for the entire course)

Fee per Topic: 28 000 AMD


Benefits: Standard Certificate and Slice Academy Certification availability



Marketing, PR, Economist, Digital Marketing or IT background or knowledge is needed.