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Slice Consulting is an international business agency established by an Independent Marketing Consultant Nane Matevossyan in 2007 and was re-branded by company partner, famous Interior Designer and Branding Professional Armen Davtyan in 2015.

The company is specialized on Consulting, Training, Coaching and Implementation of Projects mostly in Marketing, Branding, Sales, Promotion, HRM and Finances area. 

The main aim of the company is to help to business growth and development of their potential using especially new technologies like digital integration and agile project management.

Nowadays the company is growing fast and soon will provide online services like online training courses, online marketing and digital marketing certification system, digital library and education materials etc. as well.

New programs for Startups and companies in the business depression have been launched to help new businesses to grow and make results, and give new breath to the old businesses.

Slice Consulting already has many companies in its clients and partners list. Non-profit organizations are also included in the list. 


Our Clients and Key Partners


Nane Matevossyan

MBA, Marketing Management, Sales and Communications

Armen Davtyan

MA, Design Marketing, Branding

Astghik Iskandaryan

MA, Financial Management and Accounting

Sona Vardanyan

MA, Content Marketing, SMM and Blogging

Edita Ayvazyan

BA, Digital Strategy and Development, SMM

Tatevik Torosyan

MA, Strategic Advertising Campaigns and Mediaplanning

Hagop Makdis

MA, Body Language, Practical NLP and Self Development

Anna Voskanyan

MA, SMM and Content Marketing

Armine Gevorgyan

Content Mining, SMM and Video Editing

Armen Martirosyan

MA, Digital Advertising and Strategic Mediaplanning

Astghik Iskandaryan

MA, Financial Management and Accounting

Suren Arzumanyan

MA, Digital Performance and Business Management

Lilit Aslanyan

MA, PR, Media Relations and Communications

Our Interns group

Years of Experience

Clients Served


Own projects realized

Years in International Market

Coaching projects

Business Trainers Involved

Certifications Passed

Nane Matevossyan

MBA, Marketing Management, Sales and Communications

Armen Davtyan

MA, Design Marketing, Branding

Aram Terzyan
PHD, Development and Business Relations
Ovsanna Ayvazyan

MA, Senior Media Specialist

Nelly Tatosyan

MA, National Project Manager

Narine Stepanyan

MA, International Project Manager


Train Your Business



“Our company was in utter need of rebranding. And the radical changes and reforms in our company should have been done in a rather fast yet qualified way, because we were planning to get start exporting the items. And the main aim was to be acceptable in foreign market. Not a minute was repented for choosing Slice Consulting. Through the detailed, thorough rapid work totally new brand book was created. And nowadays “Megano”  can be qualitatively represented everywhere. Thank you, imaginative and creative Slice Team.”

Arthur Arzumanyan

CEO in "Megano" LLC

“I want to express my appreciation for helping us, the " 360 LED" and "360 Shinbaza" team. For short period of time they have managed to get into our position and to fully support us. The trainings they organize for our employees have great results. We can see the positive changes happening in our company and we hope our cooperation will be long- lasting.
P.S. Thanks for catchy branding”

Kristine Kirakosyan

Marketing and Development Manager

360 Led, 360 Shinbaza, "Ecomix" LLC

I knew, that it would too complicated making new brand and enter the market. These guys did it. We got our "Tagani" with unique mood, style and vizualisation. I couldn't even imagine I would love it as if my own creation. How they go through all the details, feel and implement their ideas! I am really astonished. Bravo guys, bravo Slice team!

Tamara Grigoryan

"Tagani" Marketing Manager



Our Address

352 W Chevy Chase Dr, Glendale, 91204 CA  

Tel: +1 747-257-8203


Nalbandyan 50, Yerevan, Armenia  

Tel: +374 91 500 180

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  10:00AM – 19:00PM

Saturday    12:00AM – 18:00PM


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